Leibniz Symposium of Japan

Leibniz (1646-1716) was one of the greatest savants in 17th century. He contributed to various fields of human knowledge, such as mathematics, natural sciences, logic, ethics, jurisprudence, linguistics as well as philosophy. His achievement in each of these fields still keeps remarkable influence.
The typical feature of Leibniz's way of thinking can be seen in his preference for harmonization and reconciliation between opposite theories. In order to realize this harmonization, Leibniz tries to understand and appreciate each theory without prejudice. Interestingly, such a harmonization is arranged by his own philosophy, whose essence consists , in a sense, in a principle of harmonie péétablie among different theories or different fields. From this point of view, it is obvious that to have deep understanding of his way of thinking, it is necessary to focus attention on his philosophical theories.
To promote the study on Leibniz we organized Leibniz Symposium. This society is supported by Japanese Centre for Ontology Research(JCOR). We have held annual conference since 2007(at Keio University for the 1st time on March in 2007, at Gakushuin University for the 2nd time on March in 2008, and at Kobe University for 3rd time on March in 2009).
Besides annual conference , we are plannnig to have seminers several times a year, which will offer time for careful reading and analysis of philosohical text of Leibniz. In each seminer we are due to have a little long-haul presentations by members in small-group and discussions. For the rest, we have mini seminars as needed.
This website 'Leibniz Symposium of Japan' has been launched on April 2009, supported by the Promotion Foundation of Learning in Keio University since 2009. This website provides the cutting-edge informaiton about the research of Leibniz in Japan : 1) some of papers presented in our conferences or workshops, 2) the Chronology of Leibniz (thanks to Professor Yuji Matsuo’s cooperation) .