member Yoshiaki Sasaki

spacer.gifnoimage.gifYoshiaki Sasaki 佐々木能章
Tokyo Woman’s Christian University 東京女子大学
website : Tokyo Woman’s Christian University HP
Primary Woek : 『ライプニッツ術―モナドは世界を編集する』(2002)工作舎
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member Hirohito Yamaguchi

spacer.gifnoimage.gifYamaguchi Hirohito 山口 裕人  
Osaka University 大阪大学
web site: Osaka University HP
My current interests: I have studied Leibniz’s philosophy with the constant interest in a notion ‘vinculum substantiale’(substantial bond), which he showed a certain jesuit in his later years. Quite a few interpreters have thought this notion has connections with the theories of body, organism and relation between mind and body. While I have certainly agreed with this interpretation, I have thought ‘vinculum substantiale’ could be closely connected with these notions; ‘identity’, ‘individual’, ‘person’, ‘self’. At the same time, currently, I am not a little interested in two topics; 1. Individualistic ideas and the theories of logic and language in the Middle Ages, 2. The problems in contemporary analytical metaphysics, particularly self, identity, modality and ontology.
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