member Wakako Tagoyama

tagoyama1.jpgspacer.gifWakako Tagoyama 田子山和歌子
Keio University 慶應義塾大学
website: Keio University HP
My interest: The relation between the concept of substance in Leibniz's Philosophy and prior or contemporanous understandings of it especially from the standpoint of his mind-body problem. Philosophy of Malebranche and Des Cartes,etc.

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L’Individu et l’Universel ―Leibniz et St.Thomas d’Aquin―. Interdisciplinary Ontology Proceedings of the First Interdisciplinary
Ontology Meetings, February 26th-27th, 2008, Tokyo Mitsuhiro Okada, Barry Smith ed. 2008年2月 (KEIO UNIVERSITY Open Research Center for Logic and Formal Ontology)
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